The association

Humanity, Community, Solidarity, Innovation

Human values are essential for our wellbeing and sense of purpose. 

Innovation can (and should) be developed to support these values, strengthen our communities and facilitate gestures of solidarity between us.

Fred enables users to support underprivileged people in our community via an innovative referral system. 

Do You have a sponsor yet?

You can sponsor one of our projects below and allow them to accumulate 3% on each trip you book in addition to the unused credits that will be redistributed fairly at months end.



Fred Feeds is a VTC food delivery service. 

You might think you know the principle, but this might surprise you! 


Our drivers help associations and companies that work to reduce food waste and feed the most disadvantaged of our community


Collecting and distributing food has become a time-consuming and costly obstacle for these 2 projects that really deserve our support. With your help, Fred will be able to provide drivers to help them focus their time and money on the core of their projects. 


All you have to do is register with Fred with the referral code (733B5A) ans book your first ride!


“Fairy Nissa” is an association created by Bakeer, a young entrepreneur with a great heart who orchestrates and organises food collections from bakeries, shops and restaurants in Nice supported by a team of volunteers that then redistributes them to the most disadvantaged people.


“Pepino” is an application developed by Enzo, a very devoted social entrepreneur, that connects producers, wholesalers and restaurateurs with individuals who wish to repurchase their excess stocks, ugly, oversized or damaged vegetables to reduce food wastage by re-evaluating these products.



Fred Helps was created to enable you to support your community.

In this section, you will find: associations working to serve general interests,  

people in vulnerable situations who need a helping hand during difficult times and budding social entrepreneurs who have limited resources to develop their business. 

Choose your battle and support the project that matters the most to you , because you are the heroes of their story.


“Toit à Moi” is an association who does a fantastic job using a sponsorship system to rehouse and rehabilitate homeless people in several major cities in France.

Professional and tailored accompaniment is essential for a successful reintegrating into our society, Fred aims to value actions like these and support initiatives that are in line with our values.