FRED is a platform designed by a driver, for drivers

FRED is not a project created by a Silicon Valley whiz-Kid, nor is it a start-up developed by a young entrepreneur wanting to surf on the wave of UBER success.

Behind FRED is a small transport company with more than 9 years of hands on experience.

Like thousands of my colleagues, I have struggled for years to succeed in this industry and I see in FRED an opportunity to do so. If I do well, I would prefer to share the success with other drivers rather than external investors.

Here is my reasoning…

Our industry is undergoing a technological revolution and drivers are being excluded. 

Platforms are being built at our expense.

Yes, jobs have been created, but drivers remain « minions » in an industry that plans to make them redundant in the not so distant future.

We can’t wing it, we need a strategy

All platforms, including the bigger ones, are still dependent on us (the drivers) to run their business. We have leverage, but not for long! Our window of opportunity is probably somewhere between 10 and 15 years before driverless vehicles are launched massively.

In the past few months, we’ve seen an influx of new apps and platforms offering more ethical business models for drivers, some created by drivers themselves. In my opinion this is a great sign and I believe that we should be supporting them because their success will allow us to create a shortage of drivers on exploitative plateformes. Negotiating a better deal with the giants of our industry will only be possible once we speak their language and hit them where it hurts. A longterm shortage of drivers means a price surge and longer waiting times, both of which lead to unhappy clients. That’s the moment to negotiate.

I am not just referring to FRED. Several of us have taken big risks to launch alternatives with more ethical business models. I can assure you that it takes courage to do that and we’re all going to need your support to succeed in influencing a change to ensure that we all get a better deal.

We chose to be self-employed, so let’s think like the entrepreneurs that we are !

We’re all swamped by work. I know how difficult it is to be on the road at 4 a.m. and at the airport at midnight waiting for customers, and then having to wade through emails, accounts, etc. However, creating a long term plan and exit strategy is not something we can afford to overlook.

Platforms can help us make ends meet, but only shareholders will benefit from the real value of these companies over time. FRED offers you the opportunity to invest so that you can reap the reward of your hard work.

French drivers will profit from our development abroad

Once we are established and profitable in France, we will develop the business by creating subsidiary companies overseas. Each subsidiary will pay taxes locally and 49% of shares will be owned by local drivers by replicating the crowdfunding campaign carried out in France. The remaining 51% of all subsidiary companies will be owned by the shareholders of the French mother company, composed of us…the French drivers.

Why isn’t the equity crowd-funding campaign open yet?

FRED is about to enter a post-creation phase. We will be carrying out a “proof of concept” on the Riviera for 6 months, to refine our application and ensure its smooth operation before extending our service to other regions of France, this is a complicated phase for any project.

Before I invite you to invest, I will carry the responsability of this risky stage myself. However, for those who are interested in a future investment, please reach out to me by private message so that I can keep you abreast of our progress and get to know you.

Is FRED a safe bet? Perhaps not at the moment, but this is a unique opportunity to join forces to improve our future in an industry that offers us fewer and fewer opportunities to do so. Together, we can make FRED a roaring success !