We all know the power of the world’s largest corporations extends far beyond their own companies. So shouldn’t we start choosing them the way we choose our elected representatives?

Whether we vote left, right or somewhere in between, it would be inconceivable to vote without knowing the values, intentions and vision of our political parties. However, we “vote” every day, as consumers, without seeking to find out what’s behind the products we buy. Every coin spent in a company makes its founders more powerful. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with that, unless their vision and values are in conflict with our own..

Business is not just business…

We work for these companies

We spend about a third of our life at work. The company for which we work will inevitably have an impact on our quality of life, our salary, our stress levels, our job security and our health.

Corporate decisions have an impact on our community

Companies that practice excessive tax optimisation deprive us of the tax revenue necessary for the proper functioning of our public services. Companies that pollute accelerate the degradation of our environment. Companies that relocate deprive us of jobs.

I’m just as “guilty” as anyone else. It’s not easy to be a responsible consumer when you lack time and/or money. However, many of us are realising that the short term saving offered by big corporations often come with a far higher “price tag” in the long run.

We have the power

There’s no reason to despair since we have the power. The business world works on a supply and demand basis. All we have to do is make our voices heard by demanding greater transparency from companies on their responsibilities and their social impact, so that we can support those who make our communities stronger.

This doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive products and services. Entrepreneurs are exceptionally good at solving complex problems. We simply need to encourage them to address issues that are important to our wellbeing so that they can find solutions that have a positive impact on our lives. To get there, it’s simple. Vote with your Money!

What are the values you look for in businesses that you support?

Please share links to companies that you feel deserve our support.