Fred, the first socially responsible ride-hailing platform.

The ideal partner for Airbnb hosts and Concierges

Quick & easy bookings

Just add a Fred button to your site or emails to enable your clients to reserve
a reliable driver for their arrival and departure 24/7.

Earn commission

Recommend Fred to your clients and receive 5% on all rides booked !
Payments made automatically at the end of every month.

Fixed rates known in advance

No more surprises ! Our rates are fixed and known in advance.
No surge pricing applied.

Drivers tailored to you

Create a long-term working relationship with a team of drivers,
selected for you based on your criteria.

3 vehicle categories


Quick and easy

Great rates

Quality service


Luxury vehicles

Bespoke service

Suited and booted drivers


Up to 7 passengers

Great per person rate

Large trunk capacity

Who is Fred?

He's a nice guy!

Fred thinks that those who contribute to his success
deserve to see a return on their "investment"

Fred believes in fair and responsible distribution of wealth and power

By supporting Fred, you support these values