OuiGreens is a new anti-waste app. It’s simple, efficient and a win-win for all parties. Honestly, who wouldn’t be a fan?! The founder, Enzo, took a few minutes to tell us about his project.

I first met Enzo in November 2017 when we both participated in Crash Pitch, an event organised by “La Ruche Nice”, an incubator for socially responsible businesses.

OuiGreens and FRED have both made significant progress since then. I recently had a drink with Enzo to catch up, and most importantly to introduce you all to the entrepreneur behind this fantastic project.


What is OuiGreens in a nutshell ?

OuiGreens is a platform that allows wholesalers, producers and restaurants to avoid wasting excess, ugly, oversized or damaged produce by selling it to people capable of transforming and optimizing it.

OuiGreens is not just an online marketplace, it’s a tailor-made service. We identify the search criteria of our buyers in great detail to ensure that the produce we offer them is perfectly adapted to their needs and desires.


How would you define a social entrepreneur ?

A person who wants to change the world!

Someone who refuses to accept injustices that exist in our society and who uses his/her talent and entrepreneurial determination to challenge the Status Quo, by coming up with solutions and alternatives.

As Stéphane Hessel said: “To create is to resist. To resist is to create.”


What inspires you?

The people I’ve met while developing OuiGreens.

Discovering how enthusiastic and motivated small producers, restaurants and individuals are to participate in the movement to reduce waste has been a massive inspiration. Food waste is heartbreaking for us all, but especially for producers who see their hard work end up in the bin. The community that we are creating through OuiGreens supports all the members of our network:

  • We value producers
  • We reduce restaurant owners’ losses
  • We offer affordable and carefully selected products for buyers

Seeing the positive impact and potential of OuiGreens at all these different levels is an incentive to work even harder!


What’s your vision?

I would like to see more social entrepreneurs emerge.

Starting a business is very risky and we mustn’t forget that entrepreneurship is a luxury that many cannot afford.

Unfortunately, socially responsible companies can often face even more challenges than those that are solely for-profit. Hopefully in future we will see more and more initiatives supporting and encouraging entrepreneurs who are working not only to create sustainable businesses, but also a sustainable and healthy future for us all.

In the meantime, we will stay more determined than ever to fight for our vision !


Which socially responsible company are you a fan of ?

Ridygo, a carpool cooperative from the Côte d’Azur: https://www.ridygo.fr/

This project combines entrepreneurial ambition and commitment to social responsibility. Their service provides solutions to rural transport issues and has a positive ecological impact. Their business model is based on values of solidarity, community and responsibility. I look forward to seeing their progress over the coming years.

FRED is a fan of OuiGreens because this platform makes responsible consumerism easy and affordable. We’re convinced that it will be a great success.

The application will be launched during the summer 2018, but you can already create an account on their site: https://www.ouigreens.com/ to receive offers via messenger or sms. Go for it! Enzo is eager to hear your feedback so that he can continue improving the service. So don’t forgot to share your opinions, suggestions and spread the word.