Fred went to meet Céline and Arnaud, proud owners of ‘Cafe Paulette’ little restaurant located on the emblematic place du Pin in Nice, in one of the Port’s most multicultural and effervescent neighborhoods. The name they chose is first of all a tribute to Arnaud’s grandmother who held a Parisian brewery called Brasserie Paulette.

In search of inspiration, they began their journey in Santa Monica California where they were quickly seduced by concepts that tie in conviviality and festivity while keeping a healthy mind and body of course!

Decorated in a contemporary style, each painting and object has a history related to a craftsman of the region.This little restaurant makes a priority of creating a sens of community in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

But it is also in part thanks to a young and lively team that proudly conveys the philosophy and ethical values ​​of the company that Café Paulette owes its success. There is a real sense of familiarity , where everyone is valued and plays a key role.

During the day, you can enjoy a freshly squeezed juice and a selection of authentic salads using fresh, organic products from the market.

They inform each customer about the quality and origins of the meat they serve, which is made possible due to a close relationship maintained with the producer.

They also work directly with local winemakers who supply them with natural, organic and sulphite-free wines. Their coffee ‘Pure Origin’ is excellent, and is produced by ‘Coutume’ who ensures that the baristas receive the appropriate training to optimise and guarantee a excellent product. Coutume also works hand in hand with ethically committed producers who respect the

seasonality of harvests.


In the evening come and enjoy a variety of tapas inspired from around the globe in a bistro chic atmosphere.Yet another opportunity to share special moments with your friends over a glass of quality wine. You may even get to enjoy some live music during your meal since local musicians perform there every weekend.

Café Paulette has shown us in less than 2 years how an ethical, but also a very lucrative, business is created. They stayed faithful to their initial convictions without making any concessions. This is how humanity triumphs and becomes a force that unites a great team to gain the loyalty of their customers.