At first glance, “21 Paysans” is just another little café/restaurant in Nice, but it’s much more than that! We had coffee with Eliott, the founder, to learn more about the values and motivations behind the business…

Located only 5-10 minutes walk from the Old Town of Nice and just off the tourist path, the atmosphere here is relaxed and local. There is no doubt that the produce is the focal point of this entreprise… Seasonal fruits and vegetables are proudly displayed at the centre of the coffee shop ! A brilliant strategy to arouses curiosity and encourages questions.

What better way to get to the heart of this project than by chatting with the founder ? Here are Eliott’s answers to FRED’s questions…

In a nutshell, what is “21 Paysans”?

It’s both a digital and physical platform, enabling farmers to connect with city dwellers.

You can find the digital facet on our website, where you can order vegetables, fruits, eggs, cheeses, breads and meats… produced on small farms in our region.

For the physical side, we welcome you in person here at our restaurant-boutique situated 2 rue Valperga in Nice.

For several generations now, we have lost touch with the farmers who feed us and in doing so, we have also lost sight of where and how our food is produced.

It’s easy to forget that we “vote” 3 times a day when we choose our meals. Those seemingly insignificant decisions have a considerable impact on our community, our health and the people involved in the food chain.

“21 Paysans” recreates the missing link but also adapts it to the 21st century.

How would you define social entrepreneurship?

All entrepreneurs cater to or create a social need.

Do you know of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?

I believe that what differentiates so-called “social” entrepreneurs from others is simply the fact that we address primary needs as a priority.

What inspires you?

Farmers ! Their passion and ability to combine technical, mental, physical, material and immaterial work is something that fills me with admiration and inspiration. They have authenticity and a philosophy of life that appeals to me.

What’s your vision?

The creation of 200,000 multidisciplinary farms in France, which would create more than 400,000 new jobs.

I would also like to see a genuine food culture become widespread, because it’s so important to understand every stage of production, processing and distribution. We are witnessing the benefits of this approach on a daily basis within the community of “21 Paysans”.

Which socially responsible company are you a fan of ?

“Ferme d’Avenir” by Maxime de Rostolan.

Maxime’s project is demonstrating that it is possible to create viable farms that produce healthy food while respecting the environment and promoting local employment.

He is already influencing a new generation of farmers.

FRED is a fan of “21 Paysans” because this business reminds us of the importance and pleasure of knowing what is on our plates ! They make supporting and exchanging with farmers effortless, healthy, ethical and enjoyable.

We recommend dropping into 2 rue Valperga in Nice to see for yourselves. However, if you can’t do that, make sure you checkout “21 Paysans” online: