At first sight, FRED might just look like another booking platform for drivers. However, our Brand Values set us apart…So here they are : 


I’ve always hated the phrase “business is business” because it implies that the corporate world is somehow exempt from upholding morale and humane ethics. We and the planet are now suffering the consequences of this.

In my opinion, entrepreneurs are not the ones to blame … society is. We continue to define entrepreneurial success, almost exclusively, via the accumulation of wealth.

What would happen if instead, we started to support and celebrate entrepreneurs who are committed to finding a more equitable distribution of wealth and power? Let’s do it !


Reservation platforms and apps are fantastic… and the prices are too! We would all rather spend a tenner less on our “taxi”. That’s an extra round of drinks at the pub !  (Yes I’m a Brit through and through!).

We all love and support companies that save us money.  We rarely think about the business model that underpins these bargains ; I think that if you where aware that the friendly driver, who gets you back home safely at 3 am, was working at a loss, maybe you would see things differently…The vast majority of us do not want hardworking members of our community to be exploited.

I created FRED, specifically to prove that it is possible to offer a win-win-win solution for Corporations, Customers and Drivers !


There has been a globale awakening in recent years about the contradictions we all experience in a society that is “hyper connected” and yet lacking in a genuine sense of community.  I want to believe that we are willing to take action toward working together in order to recover those old values so essential to maintaining our health and well-being.

I am convinced that this change will come from the “grass-roots”.  It is with great enthusiasm that I continue to discover initiatives and projects lead by exciting like minded people, enthusiastic and brave enough to ‘get out there’, make their voices heard and defend their ideas.

If you know of any such people or projects please put us in touch so that I can add them to my expanding network of socially responsible “influencers”.


We live in interesting times, full of technological innovations that can improve our day to day lives.  We’re moving at vertiginous speed. I don’t wish to oppose this progress, I support it.

Some entrepreneurs are true born “pioneers” with exciting and remarkable visions for our future. We can count on them to move us forward, but that does not mean that we have to give them ‘carte blanche’ to map out our future.

Monopolies are generally harmful. It is our responsibility to support healthy competition that will allow us to defend our values and influence change.

What kind of values do you look for in a company?