FRED is about to be launched and I am aware that the next few months will probably be among the most stressful and challenging of my Entrepreneurial life.

Before taking the next step in the adventure that is FRED, I wish to thank some of the people, without whom we would not be where we are today.

Mr C

“The misfortunes of some are advantages to others”. I hate this proverb, but it’s the one best suited to describe my meeting with Mr C. in December 2017.

Mr C. sold me the app he had spent almost two years of his life creating. This guy doesn’t do things by halves. He is a passionate, creative visionary. I met him at a time of exhaustion (moral and physical), a moment of disappointment and self-questioning. Despite the difficult circumstances, his talent and capabilities were obvious to me. Without Mr C., FRED would still be in the planning stages and would perhaps never have been born. I have no fear that he will reach the very ambitious goals that he has set for himself. I certainly owe him a debt of gratitude, but above all, I’m thankful that our paths crossed and feel excited to be able to witness the development of his future endeavors.


Some encounters in life encourage us to believe in fate and in the power of synchronicity. My meeting with Mimoun could certainly be defined as such.

We met at a networking event where Mimoun heard that I had a project to build an application for drivers. As a driver himself and entrepreneur, he told me about an application that was up for sale.

This was a great tip that helped accelerate my project, which was at that point only a business plan.

We could have parted ways then and there, but as it turns out, we shared a common desire to defend the interests of drivers in our industry and to see human values better represented in the corporate world.

Mimoun is a passionate representative of the driver Trade Union CFDT VTC Nice. I could not have hoped to find a better person to represent our network of drivers. I am proud to announce that he will soon join the FRED team as the driver liaison officer.

Nicolas, Diogo and Guillaume

I acquired a source code in December 2017 without having ever seen one in my life! I thank this fabulous team of developers for their professionalism and their patience.

My first meeting with Nicolas (our project manager) took place over a year ago. I contacted him (prematurely) even before writing a business plan!

He was kind enough to listen to my crazy idea and advise me despite the sketchiness of my project at that stage. Almost a year down the road, I think Nicolas is probably pretty surprised to see that FRED is about to be launched, but he has also gained in faith that the project will be a success ! 🙂

Without his rigour, experience and his team spirit, we would not be at this stage. Thank you Nicolas!

Diogo (our Android and Web developer) and Guillaume (our IOS developer) were already part of the original team of the application I acquired. They know Fred inside out because they created it themselves. I can’t imagine what I would have done if they had not agreed to continue the adventure with me!

Diogo is self-motivated and passionate about coding. A true tech start upper!

Guillaume works wonders on iOS and brings tranquility to the office.

I would be lying if I said that I understood everything they do… They all seem like magicians to me ! 😉

Thanks guys!

My friends and family

The support of my loved ones and the faith they have shown in both my project and my ability to succeed over the past few months has touched me deeply and allowed me to keep pushing forward.

They’ve listened to me repeat my speeches over and over again, they’ve helped me raise funds to finance FRED’s development, they’ve helped me to not panic when things are tough and have celebrated breakthroughs… Basically they have been (and still are) there for me! Thank you all!